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Executive MBA Alumni

Our group is managed by EMBA and MBA alumni from various universities throughout North America and not affiliated with any universities. It is 100% alumni for alumni network.

eMBA Alumni Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)dedicated to connecting executive MBA and established MBA alumni through exceptional continued education, engaged community involvement, professional career development and building networking opportunities

Consider this group for the same reasons you originally considered getting your Executive MBA - to continue to sharpen your business skills and further your career

Support other Executive MBA students in obtaining their degree through scholarship programs

Community Involvement


Connect graduates from across many Executive MBA programs and build unique networking opportunities

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish an organization that bring together high caliber executive MBA alumni and successful business organizations so they can share and exchange working knowledge/ideas in a trusted environment.   Our alumni network will become an integral part of a new breed of business executives where businesses and community organizations all work to improve their bottom line of positive financial, economic and social outcomes.
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